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Stop giving your pet CBD with added oils; that’s a thing of the past!

A new survey shows that 50% of pet owners use CBD for their pets. Many claim that CBD helps their pet’s nervousness, stress, skin health, cognitive issues, neurological conditions, and older pets stiff joints and aches. 

Studies like this 2018 pet CBD review reveal some results that have furry families everywhere excited. In it, 80% of osteoarthritic dogs showed significant improvement in their condition with no negative side effects.

But the sad truth is there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid with CBD. Thanks to the relatively new, and largely unregulated nature of the CBD industry, not all products are created equal. In this article, we’ll take a look at the biggest concern of all – added oils.

Why do CBD Products use oil?

There are two main reasons why extracts use oil.

First, hemp plants contain CBD (cannabinoids) that contain terpenes, polyphenols, and essential oils. After their extraction, they are mixed with carrier oils that stabilize these compounds so they can increase the bioavailability of CBD products. 

Second, CBD is fat-soluble, dissolving in fats rather than liquids like water. Carrier oils like olive, coconut, or hemp oil are also fat-soluble. So, they can effectively carry CBD to different tissues. Once there, they’re absorbed throughout the body.

But where is the line between a safe amount and an unsafe amount of oil? Understanding your pet’s metabolic dose is key to the success of their CBD treatment. 

Pet CBD and Metabolic Dose 

Humans and pets have very different digestive tracts. Humans have intestinal tracts that are very long, with many twisting tubes throughout. This allows for a longer amount of time to absorb nutrients from more complex types of food. 

Dogs on the other hand have linear GI tracts, which are much shorter than humans. That’s why they’re healthier with simpler foods that are easy to break down like meats and bones. 

Having a shorter tract gives bacteria less time to multiply and cause illness. What does this mean for pet CBD treatment? The metabolic dose you would need differs greatly from your pet. 

What is a low-oil CBD extract? 

Most human CBD extracts are not highly concentrated and contain a high volume of oil. This is meant to help protect the CBD as it’s digested and aids in absorption. Human CBD formulas are created with higher volumes of oil because human GI tracts can handle breaking them down without any negative effects. 

Pet GI tracts are very different and can’t tolerate a lot of oil, causing uncomfortable side effects. Using a product that is made specifically for pets in a low-oil formula is the best way to keep your pet safe. 

What are the benefits of low-oil CBD for pets?

Better digestion, better results

Less oils in your pet’s CBD extract means less chance of an upset tummy. These potentially nasty side effects could be the culprit that makes so many pet CBD products ineffective as a result. Low-oil CBD has a significantly higher chance of producing the positive effects you’re looking for.

Find your pet’s metabolic dose easily

 The highly concentrated low-oil CBD packs more CBD into less oil. This high-concentrate extract gives you plenty of dosing options that typical pet CBD products can’t. 

Try rubbing a drop on the inner tips of your cat’s ear or wiping some across your dog’s gums. Or place a few drops on a treat for a whole dose contained in a single bite. A highly concentrated extract helps you find that perfect metabolic dosage without any spillage. A CBD with added oils means the dose is far too large to ever do these effectively.

Also, what if your pet needs more CBD to help with a specific condition, like separation nervousness, chronic joint aches, or neurologic conditions. CBD with added oils (like most pet CBDs) only have one recommended dosage. Pet CBD Extracts with low oil allow you to find your pets unique metabolic dose by slowly increasing the drops one at a time. 

Learn more about low-oil CBD for pets

CBD has so much potential as a way to improve your pet’s health. CBD shows promise in conditions like senior pets achy muscles and joints, seperation nervousness, and neurological conditions. But, in order to keep your pet’s CBD treatment safe and effective you need to know what to look for. 

Try to keep in mind all the benefits a low-oil pet CBD offers. They allow for easier dosing ensuring that your individual pet gets their exact metabolic dose. They avoid digestive stress on your furbaby’s sensitive digestive tract. And best of all, they give you the best chance of finding those results you (and your furry family) are looking for. 

So ditch those high-oil pet CBD extracts of the past and join us in the healthy future! Your pets will thank you with snuggles a’plenty (trust us – we’ve really crunched the numbers on this one).


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