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Shalisa Chamberlain  <br>Veterinary Cannabis Consultant  Veterinary Technician 20yr Experience

Shalisa Chamberlain
Veterinary Cannabis Consultant Veterinary Technician 20yr Experience

Are you feeling lost amidst the sea of online information about CBD for pets. Fear not! I’m here to help. I specialize in one-on-one guidance as you explore the benefits of this natural solution for your pet. My mission is to guide you in unlocking the full potential of CBD therapy tailored to your pet’s unique needs. Whether you’re seeking relief for a specific condition or striving to enhance your pet’s overall quality of life, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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The Benefits of a CBD-Infused Lifestyle

Improving joint mobility:

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation in pets with joint issues such as arthritis. This can lead to improved mobility and better life for pets.

Supporting overall health and wellness:

CBD has been shown to have antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, which can help to support overall health and wellness in pets. By incorporating CBD products into their pet’s daily routine, pet owners can help to promote a healthy immune system,  and support cognitive function.

Providing natural, non-toxic solutions:

CBD products are derived from natural sources and are generally considered safe for pets when used appropriately. By incorporating CBD products into a holistic approach to pet care, pet owners can provide their pets with natural, non-toxic solutions to support their health and wellbeing.

Reducing stress and anxiety:

A holistic approach to pet care that includes CBD products can help to reduce stress and anxiety in pets, which can have a positive impact on their behavior and overall quality of life. By promoting a calm and relaxed state of mind, CBD products can help pets to feel more comfortable and secure in their surroundings.

About Me

Welcome to the world of pet CBD.

Shalisa Chamberlain, is a pet Cannabis Specialist with an extensive background as a veterinary technician spanning over 25 years. She has collaborated with holistic veterinarians, general practices, emergency facilities, and specialty hospitals throughout the United States. This invaluable experience has given her a deep understanding of pet wellness. Devoted to lifelong learning she has earned her master’s certificate of completion in the clinical cannabinoid medicine program through The Medical Cannabis Institute.  She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, the Association of Cannabis Professionals, the Veterinary Cannabis Society, and Cal NORML.  She is currently the founder and CEO of the veterinary-recommended CBD brand Furry Faces.

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I was initially skeptical about using CBD for my pets, but after consulting with Pet Professional CBD Solutions, my doubts were put to rest. Shalisa was knowledgeable, patient, and thorough in their explanation of the benefits of CBD for pets. She helped me understand the different types of CBD products available and which ones would be most effective for my pets' needs. Thanks to Shalisa, my pets are now enjoying a better quality of life.
We were interested in offering CBD products at our pet store but didn't know much about it. We meet Shalisa , and she educated our staff on CBD for pets. Her expertise and guidance were invaluable, and our staff is now equipped to answer customer questions and make recommendations. Since offering CBD products, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and repeat business. We cannot thank enough for their help.
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As a dog trainer, I was curious about incorporating CBD into my training sessions, but I wanted to ensure that it was safe and effective for my client's dogs. That's when I met Shalisa. She provided me with a comprehensive education on the benefits of CBD for pets and how it can aid in training. With my new understanding of CBD, I am able to provide my clients. I highly recommend Pet Professional CBD Solutions to any dog trainer looking to enhance their training programs and provide valuable information to their clients.
Becky ~ Compainion Canine

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